Vendor Activity Program

The Mira Lagos HOA Vendor Activity Program allows instructors, trainers and merchants to conduct on-site programs for residents.

Through this program, residents may participate in educational and fun activities provided by professional and knowledgeable business owners at the best rate available for each program. Non-residents will also be welcome to take part in some vendor activities at a guest rate. Rates will be set by each individual vendor and vary based on the activity provided.

We are currently seeking instructors, trainers and educators to provide activity opportunities for our residents. See “Vendors” information below.

Current Activities

Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts and Women’s Self Defense


We are seeking educators to facilitate on-site, outdoor, activities for our residents. The following forms will need to be completed as your application to conduct business in our community. Please send your completed forms and any questions to We look forward to forming a partnership with you!

Mira Lagos Activity Vendor Agreement
Vendor Activity Agreement Guest Option Amendment


When you find a vendor program you wish to join in, please contact the instructor for that class or activity directly to schedule your participation. The following form must be completed and turned into the instructor prior to beginning each vendor activity program you take part in.

Limitation of Liability and Indemnity Agreement

Mission Statement

Mira Lagos HOA Vendor Activity Program promotes active living through activities to promote harmony and build community spirit. Mira Lagos HOA fosters civic pride, stimulates economic development and presents the community, business and government investments to Mira Lagos vitality, livability and diversity.


Mira Lagos Homeowners Association is not affiliated with any vendor. Advertising of Vendor Activity programs and events in no way implies endorsement of the featured vendor, activity or service. Materials, advertising, services, instruction and information provided by vendors do not necessarily reflect the views of Mira Lagos HOA.